Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two 'Spaz Updates

(1) My dog, Marty, has been on a regimen of medication to treat his mystery ailments. The vet gave him dewormer (which he hates and spits up all over me) and antibiotics, in case of some irritation in his colon. He took blood from Marty and then found that his thyroid scores were low. So, now, in addition to antiobiotics and dewormer, he is on thyroid medication. The new food that I have been feeding Marty seems to be easier on his digestive tract (thank goodness)! Some lingering concerns: (a) the blood test showed some problems with Marty's liver function and (b) we cannot put him on Phenolbarbitol for his seizures, given the concerns over his liver. But, the thyroid issue might be related to the seizures . . .

(2) Almost all of the wonderful suggestions I got on writing have worked this past week. Here is what particularly worked: (a) typing out all the relevant quotations for my argument, so I don't have to keep flipping back and forth between research and writing, (b) old-school writing with pen and paper (though my handwriting is atrocious), and (c) putting "place-markers" for references when I have time to return and properly cite. Thanks MMF readers for you help!