Thursday, July 06, 2006

Isn't This Getting You Hot?

Society's Unsighted Fasination With Sex in the Media

Via Pandagon, I found this video slide show promoting abstinence only. I can't quite make sense of the audience for this bit o' propaganda. If it's horny young kids, I am afraid you are going to lose them in the first few seconds when they will be sufficiently titillated to get naugthy. If it is the parents of these naughty kids, then clearly they are out of synch with popular culture and when they see this slide show they are destined to lock their children up, if of course they haven't already fainted from these juicy images. But in either case, this video gives all the wrong signals about how we should be talking to young people about sex.

You cannot expect to titillate and then say "no, don't do that!" When has this approach ever been successful? Furthermore, what does it mean that looking at these sensual and sexual images titillate in the first place? Should we pretend that we are not sexual beings? Are we really suppose to channel all of that wonderful energy and passion into the task of raising good Chrisitan children? Our sexuality is as much of gift to celebrate as any other. Sure, we can get too much of a good thing, but that is where I would start the conversation . . .