Friday, July 14, 2006

I Need Your Help, Dear Readers . . . .

This feminista is feeling a bit downtrodden today because she can't seem to get into any rhythm with her writing. I have been stuck on my third chapter of the manuscript for quite awhile. I know what I want to say--that's not the problem. I just find the writing extremely slow going and I get distracted in the details (hunting down a citation, rereading a passage from secondary literature, or rereading what I have written thus far to edit). I give up!

What advice do y'all have to help me get over my slow writing phase? I can whip these blog posts out lickety split. But, the manuscript is proceeding at a glacial pace (and not the sort of glacial pace the Al Gore is freakin' us out with in An Inconvenient Truth).

So, if you please, share with this feminista (and all her readers) your tricks for getting more effective writing done at a faster clip.