Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Italia: 2-0!

As Alessia noted in the comments to one of my other posts, Italy beat Germany yesterday, 2-0 in overtime. It was a hell of a game and I am usually too ADD to focus on the games. But, now I am hooked. Yes, I am one of those Johnny-Come-Lately types to most sports events. But, I gotta say Italy has a great team, despite what the recent New Yorker article had to say ("Un-American Activity: The World Cup and Our Problem with Soccer" by Jeffrey Toobin). Fabio Grosso's goal was stunning. Then, when Del Pietro's scored in the last minute of the game, I thought, Germany had given up. How could they let that second goal happen?

Before Italy scored I was ambivalent about either team. I was born in Germany and felt some pride for my birth country, but the best year of my life was spent in Rome. I am not sure that either of those facts are good bases for being a fan, but who ever really does have a good reason? So, alas, I am now behind Italy. I will be watching France v. Portugal this afternoon as well. I am hoping it comes down to France and Italy. Anyone with a large TV wanna invite me to watch the final game on the 9th? (Hint: Jamie!)

I must admit that I have pathetic girl crushes on both Del Piero and Hottie Fabio Cannavaro. My willingness to admit this lead my friend Philip to tell me that this is precisely why American men don't like soccer: "it's a pretty boy game" he said. So be it. Check out these pictures of Cannavaro at the Most Beautiful Man website. (Alessia, I mean you!)

UPDATE: I am listening to the ESPN commentary on yesterday's game and man, Americans are ruthless in their reception of football (soccer). Sure, Italians are famous for their high operatic drama when someone smacks into them, but it is strategy, duh! The ESPN dude basically says: "Soccer players are not the toughest guys." Then, his commentary on Grosso's goal (if you saw this, Grosso starts running down field shaking his finger): "Don't touch me, I want everyone to know that I scored this." Toobin is right on: Soccer is the Un-American Activity. But, alas, I was one of those suburban kids growing up in California who played my whole life.

UPDATE #2: Yes, I am so pathetic. I just found this website the ranks the hottest Footballers.