Monday, December 26, 2005

Tempting the Border Police: A Modern Romance

Now that I am residing in the land of deep fear of illegal immigrants and their border crossing, I have been attuned to the way the news portrays border towns and those that dare cross over. I stumbled across this story this morning in the LA Times. I just love the title: "Some Border Patrol Agents Take a Chance on Love: It's an open secret: by day they deport illegal immigrants, but at night they date them."

Doesn't that sound like a spicy romance flick in the making?

Sometimes after agents fall in love unwittingly with an illegal immigrant, they're too committed to the relationship to end it. Ramon Sanchez Jr. was fresh out of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement training academy when he met his girlfriend at a Tucson music shop in August 2004. Court records indicate that Sanchez, who worked for the agency that handles deportations, did not realize she was in the U.S. illegally until four months later.

Three weeks after their wedding in February, the Department of Homeland Security got an anonymous tip that Sanchez had married an illegal immigrant. Sanchez was arrested at his desk the following month and pleaded guilty to harboring an illegal immigrant.

This is why we need to get thee unwed women covered and in the homes. Temptresses!