Friday, December 09, 2005

My Computer Died! I Need Quick Advice

I knew it was bound to happen soon, but last night my G4 Powerbook (from 2001) died. The brackets that hold the screen to the keyboard snapped off and so I cannot get any picture on the screen. I think the data on the computer is fine.

But, I am about to get on a plane to the West Coast on Wednesday, December 14th. I need to get a new computer before I leave. I need some advice. I want to get another Apple. There is no point trying to talk me into a PC. I have used Apple too long and I don't want to switch.

What I want advice on is: Should I get a IBook or another PowerBook? I am planning to go the big city tomorrow and purchase one at the Apple Store. But, I am not sure which one is better for my needs.