Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rape Vicitims Better Have More than Catholic Hospitals in Their Hood

The politics of family planning, abortion and contraception never fail to get Catholics fired up politically. I wonder if many of them would ever vote if not for saving innocent lives. Now the Catholic Action of League of Massachusetts is calling upon Catholic hospitals to refuse to comply with a law that requires hospitals to stock Plan B for rape victims. See the article here.

Or read the piece here:

BOSTON -- The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts is urging the state's Roman Catholic hospitals to defy the state's new emergency contraception law.The church group said the state's Catholic hospitals should refuse to comply with the law that takes effect Tuesday. The law requires hospitals to offer the morning-after pill to rape victims. Catholic Action League executive director C.J. Doyle said emergency contraception is a form of abortion because it blocks the fertilized egg from being implanted on the uterine wall."The appropriate response for Catholic hospitals is noncompliance," Doyle said. "Otherwise, they would be compromising their religious integrity and Catholic identity." A spokeswoman for Caritas Christi, New England's second largest health care provider, said its Catholic hospitals only offer emergency contraception if "there is no evidence that conception has already occurred." She added that Caritas Christi's policy hasn't changed.

This astounds me. In fact, I never seem to fully digest the absolutist and monolithic position of many Catholics on these matters.

I understand that many would argue that despite the rape, the child is an innocent life. My question is this: Where was God when she was getting raped?

How can you be sure that this child is in fact a "gift" of life, and not, say the work of the devil?