Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Need a New Reel of Film, but Why?

You will have noticed that I am not able to get posts up everyday as of late. This may be a permanent situation, but it all depends on what develops in with my newborn. I am spending a lot more time sleeping in the day, so I can't really get a post up until the afternoon. Anyway, today's post is perhaps a self-indulgent sharing of a dream I had this morning.

The exact details of what happened aren't that interesting, but what sticks with me is the solution that was proposed, via my dream, to deal with unfortunate events. (I am sure that I am dreaming a lot more of scary things that could befall me or my newborn--which I am told is completely normal--eek!) So, I was dreaming that something horrible had happened, something that I didn't want to have occurred and suddenly I discover that I have the ability to rewind time and start over (sort of like the DVR function on my TV). But, no matter how many times I rewind time, there is always another person there, acting as a counterweight to my power, who can force the negative outcome. I can't anticipate how she will make certain that something bad happens, no matter how many times I rewind.

Then, suddenly, I discover another trick: I begin to see all events happening in time as recorded on film. I am not sure who the cameraman or camerawoman is, but I know that the only way to beat my nemesis, the one who wants to assure that something bad happens--something that would be nearly impossible to live through--is to find new film stock. It has to fit the camera. I can't just edit out the sequence that leads to misery. I have to start completely over and then I get a new destiny. Just as I am working looking for the right film, I awake.

What the hell does it mean?