Friday, July 06, 2007

Procrastination, Even in Childbirth

Well MMF readers, I think my delivery date is getting closer. At my last OBGYN appointment, the doctor told me that the baby had dropped and I was already a centimeter dilated. The night before the appointment I woke up to awful cramps for about 3 hours, not sure what they were and trying to drink lots of water so they would go away (Za was out of town until last night and I didn't want him to miss the big event). The doc explained that those cramps were probably the baby's head dropping . . .

My BP was good after a week of doing virtually nothing and the baby's heartbeat was perfect. A good visit. Now, I am just waiting for the main event. I woke up this morning to more cramps and realized I better get packing for the hospital (not that I am going today, but I just don't have my bags ready to go if the contractions should start). I have been washing clothes, putting together the bassinet, and trying to get the baby's room--finally--in order.

I find that even in childbirth I am a world-class procrastinator. It takes the physical discomfort of cramps to get my act together and prepare for the hospital. I put Za in high gear this morning getting the baby seat in the car, cleaning the car, and getting a bed ready for my mom (who will probably come early now she knows that the baby's head dropped).

I am guessing that after all of this preparation today, it will be another 4 weeks before my baby girl shows up. :)

But, should I wind up in labor soon, I will put Za in charge of announcing to the readership what is going on and how it turns out.

UPDATE: I just discovered my first stretch marks. Eek. It must have happened when the baby's head dropped. Oh dear . . . I thought I was going to escape that one.

UPDATE UPDATE: Hanno--Thanks for reminding me to pack a toothbrush. I totally forgot about that one.