Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Message for the 4th: Bush RESIGN!

If you haven't caught Keith Olbermann's comment on Bush's commuting of Libby's sentence, get thee to MSNBC or Crooks and Liars immediately. I haven't yet written on this event because I think I have finally gotten to the point where I am completely burned out, disillusioned and therefore sick of politics. It is no surprise that Bush commuted his sentence. It is no surprise that Bush leaves open the possibility of pardoning Libby, if he chooses.

Last week I was talking to my dear friend Harvey who recounted an article he read in Slate (I couldn't find it) that posed a thought experiment regarding Coke and Pepsi. The idea was what if Coke ran commercials that said something like, don't drink Pepsi, there is horse shit in it and Pepsi ran commercials that said, don't drink Coke, they got most of their ingredients from China or whatever, then the outcome of such a negative campaigning strategy is that the consumer would no longer want to buy either product. The point here is that this is what is wrong with our political system. Candidates run such poisonous, toxic messages about the other guy and the electorate throws up their hands, gives up, and stays home.

Now, I have been more engaged in the last few years than ever, precisely because of my deep fear and concern of the Bush Whitehouse, but regardless of my concern, the lies, deceit and dirty dealings continue. I applaud Olbermann for his passion and dedication to challenging that power in his Special Comments. I don't have any of that left. It seems that the Bush Administration is above the law, or rather has proclaimed itself the law. When it rejects the sentences and evaluations of folks it appointed and chooses its own outcome, what other view is there to hold?

And, while this post will no doubt invite some Bushie supporter to come remind me that "Clinton was let of the hook" or some other stupid red herring, I want to say that I have no more stomach for the childish and maddening argument style of politicians. You see, I am done. Keep your Ann Coulters, your Bill Kristol's, your Karl Rove's . . . keep those spin doctors away from me. Their words are poisonous and they corrupt he soul.