Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Spectre of of Specter's Anti-choiceness

From CNN:

Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pennslyvania, an abortion rights moderate, said part of the reasoning for his vote for Alito was to ensure the judge's support crosses ideological lines when it comes to abortion.

"I think it is important for Judge Alito have supporters who favor a woman's right to choose, so that he does not feel in any way beholden to or confirmed by people who have one idea on some of these questions," said Specter, who has been criticized by abortion rights supporters for his Alito support.

Well if that isn't the most self-serving rationalization that I have ever heard . . .

First of all, it's stupid. How likely is a Alito to feel less beholden to the anti-choicers with lone Specter sending a message that he, too, has voted for him?

Secondly, I keep reading in the paper that Specter is "pro-choice" or an "abortion rights moderate" but I see so little evidence of it. He has voted to confirm all of Bush's appointees. I suppose he does it to stave off another challenge from the uber-right Pat Toomey. But, please. Why doesn't he just drop the charade that he actually cares about a woman's right to choose.

UPDATE: Check out what Scott Lemieux writes about Casey Jr. and his endorsement of Scalito.