Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Round-Up, Sorta

I promise to take some time to say something witty myself. But, for now, these two pieces are really quite good:

The Happy Feminist:Feminism 101--What is Feminism?
HF, in her usual unflappable and utterly readable style presents the basic axiom of feminism: "The only thing you have to believe in order to call yourself a feminist is that ensuring women's freedom and equality of opportunity in all spheres of life is a crucial priority. That's it."

Pandagon: Suffragists wanted you tied to the stove . . . Amanda takes on Kate O'Beirne, the new highly paid anti-feminist who wants to make the tired and ahistorical claim that the early suffragists were pro-life. Amanda exposes how problematic that argument is. It makes me sick inside to know that neo-con women appropriate Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton for their anti-woman policies, which they disengenously disguise as pro-life.