Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How the Rich and Mighty Fall

How power corrupts and perverts our most deeply held principles, eh?

In the meantime, Abramoff faces a decade in prison, probable bankruptcy and a lifetime of shame. The former president of the College Republicans who rose through the ranks to the top of the political totem poll, Abramoff has long been known as a devoted conservative, a religious man and a die-hard Republican partisan. With his plea today, he made final his betrayal of everything he once claimed to hold dear.

Perhaps this should be a lesson for all of us, not just an opportunity to thumb our nose once again at the evil Republicans. If money is what really speaks in the halls of power a Jack Abramoff is not a unique product of only one party.

My Dad has been trying to drum into my head since before I could remember one cynical fact about the world: everyone has a price. Is this true? How much are your principles worth?

UPDATE: Some good stuff on the Abramoff's fedora over at the Heretik.