Monday, January 16, 2006

For Those Who Need Reminders . . .

I have a few links to some excellent posts written about feminism and why it matters.

  • Why Feminism (again)? at Mind the Gap
    I was finding myself thinking a great deal of these things this past week as I travelled with two young men and talked to them about boys and relationships. Feminists do learn that sex is a pleasurable thing to share with whomever you wish to share that with, and that more than often means men or women who care about the sexual pleasure of thier partner.

  • Men Are Attracted to Sucessful and Feminist Women at The Happy Feminist
    I can certainly attest to this. In fact, what I find to be even more fascinating is how many really politically conservative men have been attracted to me. I have, sadly, had to put my phase of dating conservatives behind me, since their hope to convert me was always dashed and their persistance nonethless annoyed me.