Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito Confirmation Hearings Begin: Noon EST Today

Amanda at Pandagon reports on a blog call that took place last night about the Alito hearing that I was unable to participate in. I do plan to post here, however, about the importance of preserving Roe and linking you to others writing about this.

She also notes in her piece that she hasn't been blogging much about Alito because of a sense of futility in fighting this nomination. I, too, fear the inevitability of his confirmation, especially after participating in demonstrations against Roberts that felt totally inefficacious. However, her growing enthusiasm and Scott's consideration of a NYTimes editorial emboldens me to be a tad optimistic that this is not simply a done deal.

Bush v. Choice is a good resource for processing the content of the hearings and locating feminist bloggers writing about the importance of this hearing. You can also sign up to participate in the Blog for Choice Day on January 22nd here.

Armando at the Daily Kos has a piece up about the two key issues at stake in the Alito hearing: Abortion and Presidential Power.