Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Remember that Fair Minded Piece on Miers: Nevermind

Harriet Miers thinks that if you have an abortion, you should be brought up on criminal charges. This is the only consequence of returning to the dark ages of Pre-Roe and banning Abortion. As most newspapers and media outlets are reporting now, Miers pledged her support in 1989 for a constitutional amendement that would ban abortion.

Scott McClellan's spin on this:

"What we take that to be is a candidate expressing her views during the course of a campaign," presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said of the questionnaire. "The role of a judge is very different from the role of a candidate or a political office holder."

McClellan added, "Harriet Miers, just like Chief Justice Roberts, recognizes that personal views and ideology and religion have no role to play when it comes to making decisions on the bench."

I hate that guy.

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