Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas News Trickles In

Well, hell, I was about to get some sleep. I have a big day tomorrow (have to give a speech to lots of undergraduates!), and my phone rings with a message from Yehudi. He lets me know, what I will alert any of my all night readers to now: the NYT has just published a story that Scooter Libby is likely to be indicted tomorrow and Karl Rove will continue to be under investigation. The rest of the story should come out tomorrow in a press conference. I can't wait! How can one sleep on the eve of Fitzmas? I feel like a young child again, awaiting the glorious gifts I will awake to in the morning.

UPDATE: Hunter at Daily Kos examines the major papers (who offer conflicting interpretations) to divine what is likely to come to pass at the press conference today.