Friday, October 07, 2005

Notes from the Prozac Nation, Vol. 1, No. 7

Today I am combing the blogosphere to see what is on Depression. Here is a sampling:

  • Post-Partum Depression: from Random Existence a really heartfelt post on Post-Partum Depression and how common it really is.
  • National Depression Screening Day: Splintered Mind celebrates and encourages us to get hallmarks for the occasion.
  • Seeing the Light from a Black Place: Cherry describes, happily, her return from the deep, dark hole of depression.
  • Friday Depression: Mansur tells and shows us what depressed friday's are like.
  • Pro-Pill Popping: Bradford Plummer gives a rather qualified argument in favor of "medicating our problems away."
  • This Too Shall Pass: Liquid Plastic writes about her partner's battle with depression.

    From the mainstream media:

    Keep busy, feel better: This piece was written by the father of one of my friends from graduate school. I find it fitting that he refers to Slavoj Zizek; clearly Al (his son) rubbed off on him.