Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Send a Message That The Truth Matters

It's old news by now: Scooter Libby has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for his role in the Plamegate scandal. The new coverage yesterday and this morning got me thinking about how self-serving Republican logic has been thus far.

Many heavy hitters, including Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and Paul Wolfowitz
(with friends like this, who needs enemies?) sent letters in support of Libby and asking for leniency.

Vice President Cheney, although he didn't write a letter of support for Libby,

noted that Mr. Libby was appealing the verdict and said that he and his wife, Lynne, “hope that our system will return a final result consistent with what we know of this fine man.”
Libby said
“consider, along with the jury verdict, my whole life.”
And, speculation surrounds whether or not Bush will pardon Libby.

If you are a high ranking official in this administration then, it seems, you are above the law or should not feel the fierce consequences of your action. If, however, you are a lowly schlub--maybe a pregnant teenager who crosses state lines to get an abortion or an illegal immigrant--then you are most certainly NOT above the law. Which is it?

Luckily, some sanity from Patrick Fitzgerald:

In court on Tuesday, the chief prosecutor, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, urged Judge Walton to issue a stiff sentence that would “send a message that the truth matters.” Mr. Fitzgerald said Mr. Libby’s misstatements had made it difficult for law enforcement officers to figure out the truth “in a hall of mirrors.”
A hall of mirrors indeed; the illogic of this administration is darn right crazy-making.