Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Nester

So Marty my beloved beagle is a sick dog again. A really bad diarrhea . . . This time I think the culprit is the chemicals in the lawn. Last summer when this happened, I was sure he was dying. Now, I think he is just sick from eating the grass. Poor Marty.

It's funny how doting I have been on my little beagle today. For the first time in my life, I made him homemade food (boiled chicken and rice). I usually think that is soooo nuts when people do that. But, I remember the viral gastro-enteritis I had back in April and so I want him to feel better.

I have to say that tending to my sick beagle who absolutely cannot talk to me at all gives me some assurance that I can take care of my newborn. I do have anxiety about all these things, but its one day at at time (did I just bust out an AA quote?)

So its been a weekend oriented around my newly developed strong urge to "nest". I went to Lowe's for the third time this week to buy paint and a woman asked me when I was due
(I am HUGE). I said July 20th and she told me how she and her husband painted their whole house before her first (she has three). I asked her why on earth I was doing this (after all my ankles are totally swollen and I am unable to bend down). She told me I was in the nesting phase.


People send me some interesting news stories or links to other blogs. I am threatening to turn this blog into too much navel gazing otherwise!

Any good nesting stories out there you want to share?