Friday, June 01, 2007

Painting Day!

Today is a painting day! IsThatLatin is coming over to help me beautify the house before my daughter arrives. I love painting, but the size of my belly and the swollenness of my ankles threatens to turn this good time into a chore. In any case, I have marveled at how much energy I have had--well, at least moodwise--in this 8th month. I look around my house and think of all the little things I have neglected to do while I was busy writing or teaching and well, I am diving in to get those things done.

Yesterday was a day of reflecting on (either in conversations or during my childbirth class) what my post-partum life will be like. After we left the class, Za reminded me that I should confirm my mother's arrival during that time. We both realized how tired and overwhelmed we will be. What comforts me is that this period is finite and eventually life will readjust to accomodate our new roles as parents. But, I imagine that period in between will be quite a challenge for me. Not so much for Za, who has been through this and is in fact very knowledgeable about all thing babies and biology.

Until I get to that period of post partum overwhelmdom, I will paint away and try to prepare this little house for a new life. This feminista has become so damn domestic all of a sudden!

P.S. to those seasoned mothers out there reading the blog, do share your tips for how to survive the post partum period!!!