Friday, October 20, 2006

I Don't Give a Rat's Ass

Look, the Mark Foley thing is despicable. And, what I mean by despicable is that people in power knew about his inappropriate behavior and yet didn't do anything about it (check out the timeline from NPR). In fact, despite these allegations of "inappropriate" behavior towards pages, he was deemed fit to serve on the Congressional Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. Here is a bit of transcript from NPR where Foley discusses the despicable nature of the very behavior he engaged in.

CONAN: You were quoted in The New York Times today as saying the Supreme Court "sided with pedophiles over children." Why do you think that?

Rep. FOLEY: Well, I think what we've done here is allowed people to get away, if you will, whether it's virtual reality or live children, exploiting them for sexual gratification. I think we're entering a very, very dangerous period. I'm not a prude. I have no problem with adult pornography. People are entitled to read it, watch it, see it in their homes or in public accommodations. Where I have to draw the line is using children for the excitement of those more mature people who should know the difference and know better. So I was troubled by the court's rendering. We worked long and hard on that bill to pass it in '96, and we're prepared to meet with Mr. Ashcroft and other legal scholars to define a bill that hopefully will pass the muster of the Supreme Court when we reintroduce it.

CONAN: What areas do you think you might have to tighten up?

Rep. FOLEY: Well, obviously, they're using the standards of visual reality -- meaning you're not really depicting live, breathing humans -- in the sexual act or sexual endeavor. And I think we're going to have to find a standard that will at least allow us to further explore, based on the Internet, this new technology, how to limit the production of this very same material. Justice Kennedy, I believe, compared this to "Romeo & Juliet," a Shakespearean work. Well, I have to disagree with him, because it may have been appropriate during Shakespeare's time, but we are in a very, very different time.

Today we get another Times story on Foley's molestation. This time a Priest admits to "fondling him." This reporting makes me want to vomit. Seriously, I don't give a rat's ass if Foley was molested. I don't understand why it gets the same billing as the "cover up" story. In fact, it dominates the cover up story. And what else does it do? It drives home the GOP message that homosexuals are molesting freaks. Foley's problem is not that he is gay; his problem is that he is a child molester. And, not surprisingly, like many child molesters, he was molested by an adult when he was younger.

Can we get off this priest molestation angle? Shame on you NYT! And you Neocons who read my blog and like to spout off that the media is liberal--Jeezus!--they are hitting it out of the ballpark for your team. Now all we need is Santorum to come along again and remind us that the reason priests molest little boys is because of the godless liberal culture the permits this behavior.