Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dreams of Trespass

I had not planned on making it a habit to report my dreams. But for months now I have dreams of travelling out of the country. I am ready to spend a year abroad, or visit a foreign land for a few weeks. I am packed, have made contact with hosts, and get myself to the airport. Once I am at the airport, I realize that my passport has expired and I won't be able to leave the country.
A week ago, I was dreaming of going to Thailand. Last night I was all set to spend a year in Paris. The location changes, but the issue of an expired passport remains a constant.

Now it is true that my passport has been expired since 200o. It is also true that I haven't left the country since my passport expired. And, lastly, it is true that I have been envying my students who go abroad to foreign lands each year. So, I can chalk up my dreams to this waking life reality. Perhaps the message is: renew your passport.

But, I can't help but feel there is something else at work in these dreams. Without a passport, I cannot leave unless I trespass borders. Dreaming of trespass is, alternatively, dreaming of being confined within borders. Am I too young to be having a mid-life crisis?