Sunday, October 15, 2006

Earthquake on Big Island

I got a phone call from my Dad at 3 pm today to let me know that he was ok after the earthquake. I was stunned! I had no idea there had been an earthquake, let alone a 6.6 (according to CNN). There is some dispute about the magnitude of the earthquake, see here. (Internet connections in HI seem really slow, I have had a hard time loading the Maui news). I just got off the phone with my Dad who said that things were fine, overall, in Maui. A few serious "sink holes" on roads, but no major damage. Now he said they are alerted to some potential for Tsunamis! Geez! Luckily my Dad moved to the upcountry 3 years ago, and so he is not in any immediate danger were there to be some big waves after this quake.

I am from California and grew up with earthquakes. I was in college during the big one of 1989 (running along a graveyard in Santa Clara when a huge iron fence started flapping back and forth). I hate earthquakes!