Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stay Tuned Folks

I am halfway through my first day of interviews and it has been unbelievable. I will devote a bit of time tonight to describe some of the things that my subjects have said about Dr. Henrie. But, I want to take a moment to say that today is my birthday. And, while I was disappointed to have to spend my birthday in OK, I honestly cannot think of a more thrilling way to have spent this day.

The stories these people from Grove have told me are amazing.

We started with a 94 year old woman named Helen Crawford, who said: "All the laws men wrote." Then we talked to her daughter, Linda, who told us why she admired and respected Dr. Henrie. Then we spoke to one of Dr. Henrie's nurse, Ada, who repeatedly pointed out that those who criticized Dr. Henrie were people who thought in black and white and were happy to give advice to women whose shoes they had never walked in.

Right now we are setting up for an interview with the doctor who posted Dr. Henrie's bond.

More later.