Saturday, August 26, 2006

Remembering Sherri Finkbine

IsThatLatin alerted me to the BBC's page, where it reprinted a story from August 26, 1962--both Women's Equality Day and the year that Doc Henrie went to prison--about Sherri Finkbine's trip to Sweden to get a legal abortion. Ms. Finkbine already had four healthy children and discovered that her fifth child would be born with serious defects due to her taking Thalidomide to counteract morning sickness. Read on to learn more of the story.

The first prison notebook of Doc Henrie's that I opened had a clipped out article of Finkbine's story pasted on a page. I think that it was exactly these kind of stories that fueled his anger toward what he called the hypocrisy of anti-abortion laws. During his time in prison he transformed into a passionate activist for repealing the abortion laws and died one year before Roe.