Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sue the Hussy

In the midst of all this talk about women, sexuality, and sex roles, I read the front page story of the Greensboro News Record which reported that a recently divorced woman was able to sue the "hussy" who broke up her marriage. She got $500,000.00 dollars, figuring that this is what she would have enjoyed had her marriage stayed together.
This type of law suit is just plain disturbing to my secular, feminist mind. If you are going to sue anyone, it seems it should be your husband. But, the message underlying this judgement is: women's sexuality is so potent that it can break up marriages. So, we need to crack down on the hussies, rather than hold the men accountable.

This reminds me that I have always been baffled by women who blame the "other woman" for their boyfriend's/husband's cheating. While I can understand being pretty pissed off that another woman would think so little of your bond as to willingly participate in such a clandestine affair, the real asshole to my mind is the man. And, let's face it, sometimes the relationship is just plain over and the cheating is a clear indication of that.