Thursday, June 01, 2006

Girlie Men and Planet Destruction

SteveG alerted me to this nice piece of work over at Cosmic Variance "Feminism: Destroying the Planet." Sean (with tongue-in-cheek) points out that the girlie-man Gore is becoming a silly, wimpy alarmist about the planet, while Harvey 'the Stud' Mansfield is reminding us to return to the halcion days of manliness. If we heeded the Harvster then we wouldn't be in this mess:

You can see it right there, science doesn’t lie. The correlation is clear as the Los Angeles haze — countries that educate women are dumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Now, unless you’re crazy enough to think that it’s the CO2 that is causing all those girls to go get themselves an education, I think the implication is obvious: feminism is destroying the planet.

Mansfield is such a tool.