Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Love Public Libraries

After a harried morning, Za and I finally located wireless. It's totally pathetic how dependent both of us are on it. We drove out to our vacation spot, depended on the local cafe to juice us up, and the damn router was broken. There was an hour of panic. We wondered whether we would have to cut our vacation short (seriously!)

Then, we found a library with a signal. And, now I am just going to write a short entry on how great public libraries are. I am sitting in this lovely building, where you can get on a computer, take out a book, or rent movies and cds for free. It is one of our absolute best public resources. I don't take advantage of my public library like I ought to, mostly because I have access to a college library and I buy whatever else I might get from the library. But, being here makes me wonder why I don't get a library card.

More importantly, why doesn't everyone take advantage of this totally free resource? I suppose literacy is the problem. Others might also fail to see the return they can get from reading the newspaper everyday, or the periodicals, or flipping through books about how to rewire your home.

I just poked my head up and recognized that a lot more people are in here now than I realized. Pretty cool. Lots of kids too.

So, I am off to wander the stacks now and find something interesting to read. I will post more later when I think of something interesting to say . . .