Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Not so good . . .Time for Bolten to roll out the uber-conservative, bolster-the-base 5-point plan.

BOLTEN'S 5 POINT WHITE HOUSE "RECOVERY PLAN": ...The musical chairs is just the first of a two-act makeover. Friends and colleagues of [Josh] Bolten told TIME about an informal, five-point "recovery plan" for Bush that is aimed at pushing him up slightly in opinion polls and reassuring Republican activists, whose disaffection could cost him dearly in November. The White House has no visions of expanding the G.O.P.'s position in the midterms; the mission is just to hold on to control of Congress by playing to the base. Here is the Bolten plan: 1 DEPLOY GUNS AND BADGES; 2 MAKE WALL STREET HAPPY; 3 BRAG MORE; 4 RECLAIM SECURITY CREDIBILITY; 5 COURT THE PRESS. TIME: Can The New Sheriff Tame The West Wing?external link