Thursday, March 23, 2006

More on My Evil Indoctrinating. . .

I know I promised to tell you about how I got the reputation of being a liberal indoctrinator on my campus last year. But, I have been scrambling to get this paper done for the "Freedom Threatened" conference.

What I will leave you with is an image of the first time I discovered that conservative students were setting me up to be the type of "looney liberal" they were trained to go after (trained by groups like the Campus Leadership Program, which helped our students start up their "independent" newspaper)

Below I have given you a snap shot of a "professor review" that was written about me on the bulletin board attached to the "independent" newspaper.

Because I know you won't really be able to read this, I am going to write out for you what this says about me:

I believe the main classes she teaches are Contemporary Moral Issues and Ancient Philosophy.

She is nice but a HARDCORE liberal whom I believe is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and raised by Hippie parents or so that was what I was told.

If you are a conservative or Republican, expect to be treated in a condescending way. This is not only true for her but for much of the Philosophy Department for none are wiser than them.

She once told the class that the September 11th attacks were no different than what are military has done to supposedly other countries in the past few decades. Maybe I am not that wise or something, but when was the last time the U.S. Military went on a suicide mission with the goal of killing as many innocent civilians as possible? Please someone let me know.

Despite her looney views, her grading isn't too bad.

I highlighted the accusation that I said the September 11th attacks weren't that bad, for two reasons: (1) I never said anything like this in my class and (2) it is exactly the kind of accusation conservative students are trained to make of their marks. I discovered this when I attended their conference and watched an entire session run by a college junior teach the students present how to get your professor fired or in trouble with the trustees. His examples were either send out emails that expose their terrorist sympathizing or their opposition of ROTC. I discovered this post about me only after I had attended that session and knew that I was lucky enough to be one of the professors they wanted to go after.

A quick note: when I showed this piece of propaganda to my father, what pissed him off the most is that he was called a Hippie. As a Goldwater man, Ronald Reagan devotee, and long supporter of the Republican party, he was incensed that anyone would call him a hippie. Oh well, at least he was upset.

What pissed me off the most (and my colleague Ralph, who emailed me from Germany when he saw this) was the accusation that I was a lenient grader. Hell no people!