Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Better Off Dumped

A few days ago I was having a long talk with Za about how crazy people act when they get their heart's broken. What was of particular interest was the way that otherwise grown-up, normal people, became totally unglued when they were dumped. I am generally sympathetic to the pain of heart break, but I find myself less and less sympathetic to the childish way that the dumpees can behave. I was trying to analyze why I get irritated by the sore loser behavior of the broken hearted. While working this thought out, I suddenly said: "You know, I have been dumped plenty of times Za! I guess after getting dumped a lot, you learn what NOT to do." (You can imagine my little smug, self-righteous tone)

For whatever reason, the comment that I had been dumped many times before stuck in Za's brain. He just called me to tell me that last night he dreamt about that whole conversation again. But, this time after I said "I have been dumped plenty of times Za!" he responded: "Poor little 'Spaz, why would anyone dump a perfectly good 'Spaz like you."

(Did any of you see Better Off Dead in the 80's?)

P.S. In case this wasn't clear from my post, "Spaz" is an affectionate nickname.