Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mini-Vacation Report

Well, my loyal readers, I have found only a few minutes to put up a quick post today. I should have more later this evening to work out some thoughts swilling around in my always, overactive brain. But, at the moment, I am content to sit in this quaint cafe in South Hadley, catch up on emails, and glance at my friend's copy of the Sunday Times.

The train ride was quite nice; I can't understand why on earth I ever fly when you get so much more room to walk around on a train and plugs for your computer. Za was less happy about the train, but he is generally unhappy whenever we travel anywhere; other people simply drive him into a frenzy and he gets stuck in a mood until it is all over.

Upon arriving last night, we headed into Northhampton, which is a "cute" little town with many exotic and yummy restaurants. We stuffed ourselves to the gills with Lebanese food and then went to a tequila bar (how cool is that?).

I like this little vacation. I think its been good for clearing my brain a little bit and giving me some quality happy time before I start writing non-stop again. And, for any of you who might wonder how my book is going, I am proud to say that I have completed two chapters and my colleague considers them very good. The day he delivered this grand news I was giddy with pride, felt invincible, and hence rattled off two brand new course proposals to the registrar. When I had handed them in, it occurred to me that I had just created a great deal of more work for myself next year. Why does intellectual confidence get me into this trouble?