Friday, July 29, 2005

What Does a Grrrl Do on Vacation in San Francisco?

Last night I took MUNI out to Noe Valley to eat at a Taqueria and, boy oh boy, was it delicious. Some friends I met up with had just come out of the record store with a ton of vinyl. Uncle Billy (not real name) bought the vinyl release of the band of Japanese chicks (The's) that were in Kill Bill vol. 1. He really liked the song "Woo Hoo." Innocently, I asked, "why would the band release a record?" His answer cracked me up: do they look like they would release a CD?

The weather here in San Francisco is fantastic! My brain is operating at maximal capacity due to the sunshine, breeze and early spring-like (for East Coasters) weather. I took a stroll outside this morning and passed a lovely, large African-American man holding a flourescent green poster that read "Jesus Christ Loves You." Then I walked by a vendor selling a bunch of tiny jade buddhas. And, you gotta love that yesterday, on the Front Page of the San Francisco Chronicle was an article disproving Echinachea's efficacy. I was particularly amused by this story because I had just visited the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park that has an exhibit called "Nature's Pharmacy."

Anyway, I snagged someone's abandoned Newsweek in the hotel gym today. And, there are a couple of things that caught my attention:

1. In the feature article on Roberts, Evan Thomas and Stuart Taylor write: "Roberts's marginal involvement as a political activist is revealing. It suggests that Roberts is not the hard-line ideologue that true believers on both sides had hoped for. The right, agitating to rescue the high court from liberals and muddy centrists, and the left, devoutly wishing to have a Bush nominee to rail against, could barely hide their disappointment with Roberts lack of red-meet resume." Huh? So the only thing that gets the "left" fired up regarding the SCOTUS is a lame Bush nominee. C'mon!

2. A short story on Susan Torres, a young, pregnant woman who is brain dead due to cancer, but hooked up on life support to bring her baby to term. This is apparently a new Pro-life rallying issue. But, I don't get it. What's the problem here? Why would pro-choicers find this problematic, unless, of course Susan explicitly stated that she did not want this baby to be born? Ugh. Being pro-choice--for the billionth time--is not being pro-abortion. Are we to assume that the pro-life will accuse supporters of choice that they would just let this baby die?

3. A short insert about Sheila Cameron's "Free Katie" and "Team Prozac" t-shirts. Apparently she has also made "Team Aniston" and "Team Jolie" shirts and "I Wanna Be Your Nanny" and "Team Sienna" shirts. The first two, I find hilarious. The second set bug me. So, now, we are going to encourage catty behavior among women who choose which woman--the good girl or the bad girl--to team up with.

More later . . .