Thursday, July 07, 2005

Update on Bob Casey Jr.

Well, Yehudster, I have an answer to your question, thanks to another reader who alerted me to this blog.

Some excerpts of Casey Jr.'s positions:

Terry Schiavo. "I think you should err on the side of life. I think some kind of congressional review was appropriate. But I don't think our elected representatives should've been going to the site. The last thing they needed there, with all the tragedy, sadness and controversy, was a politician in either party to go there. It's very difficult for an elected official to judge or second guess what a family does in those circumstances. That situation shouldn't have been used to divide people for political purposes."

Defense of marriage amendment (which would ban same-sex marriage). "I support the Defense of Marriage Act [passed in 1996, it defines marriage as a union of a man and woman] and a number of states have passed similar measures. But to have a great constitutional debate about this issue is completely unnecessary. This is used to divide people and appeal to bigotry."