Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Roberts and Pro-Choice Resources

To many folks surprise, Bush appointed John G. Roberts to the Supreme Court. I went to a local bar with a few people to catch the announcement, but I couldn't hear anything since the music was blaring and most people didn't give a damn. I was wholly caught off guard to see a rather photogenic (politician looking) white guy walk up to the podium. Like everyone else, I expected him to appoint a woman. After leaving the bar, I hurried home to read all the blogs on this such as The Supreme Court Nomination Blog, Bitch. Phd, Lawyers, Guns and Money, and Balkinization. Then the emails started filling my mailbox from all the lefty groups.

Today I have been thinking about how likely it is that all of this money being poured into the fight for the Supreme Court by feminist organizations like NOW or NARAL will be wasted on fighting this candidate. While I am not happy about Roberts, I am not convinced that we have enough to dig up on this guy to prevent his appointment to the Court. Shit, I am becoming more and more demoralized by this process.

I guess my only thought today is that it may be a waste of resources and money to try and oppose his nomination. Roberts has bi-partisan support. And, I am still not at all clear about how interest groups, even the ones I support, can actually influence this process (especially feminist lobbying groups). The strength of the Republican party is overwhelming and I get the impression (especially when I did lobbying of my own) that these Republican congressmen and women are unflappable. They don't seem to fear their jobs if they vote with the party and continue to confirm conservative judges and cabinet members.

Now, what is going on with the Rove scandal? I think its time to regroup and refocus our energy elsewhere. We aren't going to stop Roberts' nomination!