Monday, July 11, 2005

The Roe Effect

Well, thanks to the anonymous post, which directed me to this site. I highly recommend perusing this particular entry to get the full taste of the sort of unsophisticated, unthoughtful moral deliberation on abortion that I discussed in my previous entry. I particularly love this entry:

Don't worry--it will be settled soon. Haven't you heard about the Roe effect. Primarily democrats are aborting their future voters of America; ergo the country will continue to become more conservative. And then if Ted Kennedy could manage to drive off a bridge again, and Kerry would go back to Vietnam, and Durbin would be voted out of office, and Biden would go copy someone else's book--that leaves Boxer and Byrd droppings. Surely he'll bite the dust soon.

I am certain that my readers do not need me to point out the flawed assumptions in this post, but, alas I cannot help it.

First of all, this poster who identifies herself as "Pam" from Fresno, is assuming that only democrats or liberals abort. (some data please?) Right? I suppose the young women and men, brought up in the Catholic church, which denounces the use of birth control, pre-marital sex, and teaches abstinence, don't EVER get pregnant and seek out an abortion. I suggest you take a look at the statistics, by religious denomination, of who gets abortions. America, the Catholic Weekly, reported:

78 percent report a religious affiliation (43 percent Protestant, 27 percent
Catholic and 8 percent other religions)

The director of a local Panned Parenthood recently told me that she has seen the very young women, who are given public service credit for picketing them, show up to use their services. I swear, pro-lifers are just unwilling to face the facts that if you deny young people a comprehensive sexual education, then you will increase the rate of abortions in this country.

Then, you've got to just be so pleased with Pam's suggestion that both Kerry and Kennedy die. Go "pro-life"!