Thursday, September 08, 2005

Guess Whose NeW on Campus!

Guess what? A new women's advocacy group is coming soon to your campus called NeW (National Organization for Enlightened Women). I wish this were an Onion article.

Staking out turf for more traditionally minded women, members of the startup--who number between 20 and 30--have not formulated a collective issue agenda but do consider themselves social conservatives. As such, they tend to oppose policies backed by their feminist peers who campaign for women in military combat roles, pay equity between men and women and ending gender discrimination in the workplace.

Not surprisingly, NeW's Founder, Karin Agness, claims that:

"In the women's studies department, they're not focusing at all on children," Agness said. "Simply put, they say all women should be CEOs and presidents and lawyers and doctors. But they don't include anything about children and husbands . . . They're not talking about how to balance work and family."

This quite simply a LIE.