Wednesday, September 07, 2005

CEO Barbie!

Loyal readers, its been a busy last two days. So, in lieu of my usual musings I am directing you to some comic relief, via The Onion. (Thanks to Ms. Meadows for the link!)

EL SEGUNDO, CA—Toy company Mattel is under fire from a group of activists who say their popular doll's latest incarnation, CEO Barbie, encourages young girls to set impractical career goals.

"This doll furthers the myth that if a woman works hard and sticks to her guns, she can rise to the top," said Frederick Lang of the Changes Institute, a children's advocacy organization. "Our young girls need to learn to accept their career futures, not be set up with ridiculously unattainable images."

The issue was first brought to national attention by mother, activist, and office manager Connie Bergen, 36, who became concerned when her 5-year-old daughter received the doll as a birthday gift and began "playing CEO."

"Women don't run companies," Bergen said. "Typically, those with talent, charisma, and luck work behind the scenes to bring a man's vision to light."

She added: "Real women in today's work force don't have Barbie's Dream Corner Office. More often than not, they have cubicles—or Dream Kitchens. I mean, what's next? 'Accepted By Her Male Peers' Polly Pocket?"

As one of my clever students' t-shirt said yesterday: "Sarcasm . . . at least it doesn't kill people."

Btw, what's up with CEO Barbie's hair?

UPDATE: Check out Daily Pepper for more humor.