Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cool Factoids about Norway: 2

Ramps for strollers everywhere!

Bergen is about the size of downtown Boston with the geography of San Francisco. Steep hills and old cobblestone roads wrapped around the wharf. Today the Queen Victoria is right outside my window in the bay and it is huge.

I walked around town today with Maddie because it is an absolutely gorgeous day here. It is about 66 degrees and so, of course, everyone is carrying an ice cream cone, sun tanning in the parks or just walking around the main square.

Bergen is a city where people walk or ride their bikes everywhere. They also are out with the strollers everywhere. And, strollers are allowed into any and every store. To help the stroller set, like myself, get into many places or up stairs, they lay down these stroller ramps. It is ingenious!

These ramps are another indication that Norway is all about "family values." You know, as I write these pro-Norway posts, I wonder if I am fawning too much over Norway and not enough over the US?

P.S. Of course these ramps accomodate those in wheel chairs as well!