Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stacking the Courts with Activist Judges

I think my single obsession since Bush took office is to watch what he has done to the courts. I remember telling one of my students, who just graduated this year (bye bye Aurora) that it was important to pay attention to who Bush was appointing as judges since these appointments could leave an unfortunate legacy for a long time. The only time I have ever lobbied my senators and organized folks to go and protest was Chief Justice Roberts' hearing.

Every time I ventured into debates about the judiciary with Republicans, I heard the same ole rant: We need to go back to the rule of law and get rid of those activist judges.

Now we hear from Monica Goodling:

The Justice Department’s former liaison to the White House testified before Congress today that she improperly weighed political factors in considering applicants for career positions in the department, and she said she was sorry.

But the former liaison, Monica M. Goodling, told the House Judiciary Committee that, contrary to public impressions, she did not play a major role in the controversial dismissals of United States attorneys last year.

And she said that former Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty had misled Congress, intentionally or otherwise, in his testimony about the firings by minimizing the role of the White House.

Mr. McNulty testified in February that most of those dismissed had been let go for performance reasons, and that Ms. Goodling had not given him all the pertinent information about the dismissals.

“The allegation is false,” she testified. “I did not withhold information from the deputy. To the contrary, I worked diligently to compile and provide the deputy with dozens of pages of statistics and other information that I thought he was likely to need, based on the questions that were being asked at that time.”

As for her own role in Justice Department hirings and firings, she said, “I do acknowledge that I may have gone too far in asking political questions of applicants for career positions, and I may have taken inappropriate political considerations into account on some occasions, and I regret those mistakes.”

Can you get more blatant than that? This administration shows the classic signs of a personality disorder, my pick is Borderline. Every criticism hurled at the Dems or anyone who opposes them is actually true of them--PROJECTION?