Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good News for Ugly Men?

The British Tabloid, The Sun, has (forwarded to me by Za, of course) discussing why many "hot chicks" prefer ugly men.

He’s bald and podgy, with a pock-marked face, and is easily the ugliest man in the room. She sidles into the chair next to him.

‘Hi, gorgeous,’ she purrs. The man’s gargoyle face breaks into a toothless smile.

The good-looking men know they don’t stand a chance.

Selena has dated her fair share of hunks, but has given up on gorgeous guys because they’re dull – both in and out of bed.

‘I can’t imagine anything more boring than classic handsome looks,’ she says. ‘I prefer no teeth, baldness and piercings to model looks. I like celebs such as Adrien Brody and Mackenzie Crook rather than Brad Pitt.

‘Ugly men try harder. They care more about you and treat you like a princess. Good-looking guys are self-obsessed. That’s not attractive.’

And Selena is not alone. In a recent study, sociologist Diane Felmee found only a third of women said looks were the first thing that attracted them to a man. Most preferred a sense of humour or financial and career success.

Researchers at Newcastle University also believe ugly men exist as a way of repairing our gene pool. Women would rather date men with good genes, who can fight disease easily, than a classically beautiful man.

So are good looks really that important? Love It! found three women who definitely don’t think so.

Of course this story exploits the commonly held belief that women are looking for love, financial stability, and companionship more than sweaty, hot, sex with a beautiful man. I don't buy it. I think women, particularly younger women, are more likely to objectify men these days as much as men have traditionally objectified women. And, I would wager that the more women gain their own economic security the more we will see them pursuing the "man candy" (remember Sex in the City).

By the way, have you noticed the formula for "family" sitcoms lately where there is a gorgeous wife and a shlubby guy? Who is writing those scripts?