Thursday, March 08, 2007

On Becoming a Male Feminist

I teach Intro WS to men as well as women, and frankly, I wonder far more (than I should) about how the material is affecting the male students than the female. Specifically, I want to know if they are become allies to feminism or are they sitting there, holding their breaths, waiting for class to end so they can get back to the real world? I don't know. Very few of them make big pronouncements that they are in some way transformed by this material.

However, I ran across this fantastic essay written by George Mason, who 'converted' to feminism, entitled Suffering in Silence at the f-word. I worry about using the word 'converted' for it gives the impression that feminism is a religious experience. But, it is true that political commitment to feminism sometimes require a change in consciousness. That is, it requires that you begin to look at what is in front of you everyday and challenge why, rather than rationalize it away.

How many other men, who read this blog, have had similar experiences as George Mason?

UPDATE: Here's one fine ally of feminism posting an homage and call to action in recognition of International Women's Day