Sunday, February 11, 2007

For Profit "Education"

I was comforted by today's NYTimes piece on the University of Phoenix. My objection to the University of Phoenix is not wholly elitist (maybe a little), rather that they cheapen education and the educational process (ok, is that elitism?). Of course, they are in many ways a glorified VoTech school, and hence, they play an important role in the changing job market. But, my overall concern has been that they so blatantly turn education into a commodity, and this is not what education is, nor should be.

Luckily, this approach to education (and the simultaneous goal of trying to generate a huge profit) has been a real failure for the product. They have the worst graduation rate and hire utterly unqualified instructors. My only hope is that the University of Phoenix will serve as a caution to those overzealous free market types who want to turn public education into a business.