Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cafe Counseling

Sorry to be so absent for the past few days on the blog. I have been tying up some loose ends and getting my grading done. Luckily I have a little break right now before my next class and so I wanted to muse aloud about something I have witnessed three times now. You see, I spend a great deal of my weekends working in a cafe. People call this a very "European" mode of existence. Fine. I just like the free Wi-Fi, access to food and coffee.

In any case, each of the three past weekends a man has come in, sat at a table right in front of me and met a couple. I figured out after the first meeting that he was conducting couples therapy right there in the cafe. The couple was crying and he was reading scripture, laced with pop psychology stuff. I am going to try and resist being snarky and thereby pooh-poohing the scripture based couples therapy (after all, if someone like Kerry was doing it, I would totally respect it).

What is really baffling to me is that this therapist (if indeed he legitimately is one) is conducting these intimate and frightening conversations in a busy, bustling cafe where people all around are privy to the details of the clients' lives. Doesn't this sort of jeopardize confidentiality?

What do you think of this Cafe Counseling trend?