Saturday, January 13, 2007

About Male Contraception

A few days ago I was talking to a geneticist who is working on developing oral contraception for men. I remember years ago, in my Freshman biology course, my professor told me that the only reason oral contraception for men hadn't been invented was economic: no money in it.

So, this morning I was talking to Skrutt (Za's visiting Norweigian Fish Woman), Za and Alessia about the possibility of a male contraceptive showing up on the market. Skrutt immediately rejected this idea. I was surprised and pressed her a little bit. She said: "look, if a guy tells me, when we're drunk and getting down, not to worry because he is on the 'pill' there is no way I am going to believe him." Alessia added that giving the pill to men makes them even more likely to be cads. Za agreed that men would lie about being on the pill because the woman has more to lose.

This depressed me. Great! We finally get the technology to take the burden off women to prevent a pregnancy and we cannot trust the men to do a good job; the incentive is just not there.

What do you think?