Friday, November 24, 2006

Yet Another Total Ban on Abortion

Just when you thought the days of crack-pot legislation putting total ban's on Abortion, even when the mother's health is at risk, were over. The Misogynist Anti-Abortion Crew, undeterred by the voter's rejection of South Dakota's ban, have crafted another total ban. Nemohee, guestblogging at Shakespeare's Sister, reports on House Bill 1 in the Georgia Legislature. Apparently Representative Bob Franklin thinks that the real problem with legal access to abortion is that it ends up costing the Georgia taxpayer. How, you ask?

"The practice of abortion has caused the citizens of this state an inestimable amount economically, including, but not limited to, the costs and tax burden of having to care for individuals and their families for the conditions cited above, as well as significant reduction of the tax base and the availability of workers, entrepreneurs, teachers, employees, and employers that would have significantly contributed to the prosperity of this state."

What are the conditions cited above?

"Studies of the three decades since Roe v. Wade have revealed that women have been deeply wounded psychologically, with one researcher reporting that 81 percent of the women who have had an abortion had a preoccupation with an aborted child, 54 percent had nightmares, 35 percent had perceived visitation with an aborted child, and 96 percent felt their abortion had taken a human life."


"Thirty years of abortion on demand have resulted in an increase in breast cancer, and a study has shown that women who had an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy before experiencing a full-term pregnancy may be at increased risk for breast cancer".

As Nemohee points out: Rep. Franklin cites no evidence in support of these claims. And, there has been plenty of evidence that abortion does not cause breast cancer. Honestly, are anti-abortion freaks just plain dumb? Are there special "research" rules for them? Aren't these the same jack asses who wanted to crack down on colleges and universities for indoctrinating students? No wonder. They have no idea what real arguments, evidence, and education looks like.