Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do Your Civic Duty Today

Sign this petition calling for a dismantling of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Do you need reasons:

(1) NCLB has not improved public school education.

(2) The most talented teachers are leaving public education precisely because of the straightjacket this act puts them in.

(3) NCLB does not give incentives to students to improve their performance. They are, after all not judged, the teacher is.

(4) NCLB gives incentives to teachers to "cheat" and give their students the key to the standardized tests.

(5) NCLB turns learning into a wholly instrumental act; teachers simply "teach the test." Education used to be one of our most important civic institutions for cultivating valued traits such as discipline, hardwork, creativity, autonomy, and civic engagement. NCLB perverts this admirable goal and sends a message that education is a "hoop" one has to jump through.

(6) NCLB cuts funding for the arts.

Feel free to add more reasons in the comments . . .