Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ever Wonder What the Market Value of Mothering Is?

An interesting study was just done in Waltham, MA by that calculates what a full-time mother would earn if she was selling her skills in the marketplace: $134, 121.00. You can read about this here and here. I have always found arguments that consider the remuneration of women for raising children to be an exceptional feminist argument. The problem that I imagine that most pro-market people would have is proposals that we pay full-time mothers from taxes. My new thought is that women should sign pre-nuptial agreements or some other sort of contract with their partner to be paid what the market would bear if she were to work. Why not turn marriage or civil partnerships, where childrearing will be involved, into business contracts? We already have folks signing pre-nups and post-nups anyway.

How about this pro-market feminist proposal?