Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today's Students

So, I poked my head on campus today to visit a friend in the Psychology department. I happened to gander at the decor and was struck by a rather unbelieveable student response to a survey question from one of her studies, which she had taped to her wall

Q: "What are your feelings on the war in Iraq? Do you agree with the United States' actions? Why?"

A: "I like war, it's the only way to accumlate more resources for a country.

Iraq is a backward country anyway, the US deserves all control.

My SUV doesn't run on human rights."

Of course, if a professor like me were to challenge such a statement in the classroom by asking a question like: "Tell me more about why you think Iraq is a backward country?" or "If accumulating more resources involves killing lots of civilians, particularly children, is that morally problematic?," I would be indoctrinating the students with my liberal ideas, right?